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KIE-CON has been a recognized name in the Northern California construction industry for over 40 years as a quality producer of Precast Pre-stress Concrete products. Recent upgrades to our Bay Area facility include a Spancrete hollowcore extrusion facility, expanded double tee forms, a 200 foot by 16 foot wide architectural casting bed, California wide flange girder form and updated column and spandrel forms.

KIE-CON produces a full line of precast/prestressed structural components and wall panels. We can provide complete office buildings, parking structures, warehouse and factory stores in addition to bridge elements and pilings.

Since 1972 KIE-CON has supported hundreds of projects around the nation.


KIE-CON started in 1959 as Castcon, in Richmond, California. It was established to produce 24-inch square, hollow-core, concrete piling and precast concrete deck units for the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. One of the most significant Castcon projects was the fabrication of over 3,000 aerial girders measuring up to 98 ft. and weighting up to 140 tons each for the local mass transit system (BART), in Oakland, California. The Richmond casting yard also produced 54" Hollow Core marine piles for the Antioch Bridge, Antioch, California.

In 1969, Castcon established another casting yard in Pleasanton, California. This casting yard produced mostly land piles of various sizes to be used for building structures and infrastructures.

In 1981, the current Antioch plant, with water access, was established to replace the Richmond casting plant. Our water access can accommodate a 60-ft. wide barge. It is also during this period that Castcon officially changed its name to be known KIE-CON. From 1981 to 2005 the Antioch plant and Pleasanton plant produced piles, ranging from 12-inch square to 24-inch square piles for the local San Francisco Bay Area. KIE-CON has also produced piles that were barged to Hawaii. In 2005, both plant operations were consolidatined into the current Antioch casting yard.

Over the years, Kie-Con has supplied piles to marine wharf facilities, commercial building, local and federal agencies. Collectively, as Castcon and Kie-Con, we have cast well over 34.5 million feet of piling.

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