KIE-CON has a license agreement with I.M.F.S. International Marine Floatation System inc. to market, manufacture and sell their concrete floating dock system. IMFS International Marine Floatation Systems Inc. has been a manufacturer of concrete docks since 1986. The connector system was initially developed for use in the aquaculture industry with its high requirements for performance in rough water. The techniques were initially applied to marina systems in 1988 and general improvements have been made over the years. Float systems have been engineered and built for mooring loads of vessels up to 2000 tons. All marina float systems have been structural sections typically 50 to 60 feet in length or one-piece finger floats assembled using our proprietary rubber and steel bolt connector system. Wood walers are not used for structural purposes. In addition to marina systems IMFS has constructed over 120 floating buildings including marina service buildings. Recreational floats, ferry landings, yacht shelters, cruise boat terminals, public road/walkways and floating wave attenuators complete the product line. IMFS products and designs are floating in ten US states (including California), three Canadian provinces, Mexico, New Guinea, the Netherlands and Panama. Click here (large file, slow download) for a complete technical manual of concrete floats.

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