KIE-CON projects have filled skylines and provided lowcost alternatives for over 40 years. Our engineering staff works closely with designers and architects to ensure budgetary and schedule requirements are met with no hidden suprises. KIE-CON's resources through the parent company Kiewit are abundant and include some of the world's finest scheduling, with resources to complete multi-billion dollar jobs, and the guarantee of the finest concrete production jobs on earth. Precast Concrete provides unlimited gains when limitations such as site compatibility, fast-track schedules, weather restraints and overall life-cycle costs become a major factor in production. At KIE-CON we do what it takes to bring your project from a concept to reality.



  • Palace Casino Hotel

    Palace Casino Hotel

  • Hyatt Regency Hotel

    Hyatt Regency Hotel

  • Global Hawk Dormitory

    Global Hawk Dormitory

  • Yosemite View Hotel

    Yosemite View Hotel

  • Cuterer Winery

    Cuterer Winery

  • Forman Winery

    Forman Winery

  • UCSD Segmental Bridge

    UCSD Segmental Bridge

  • U.S. Coast Guard Island Bridge

    U.S. Coast Guard Island Bridge

  • Mokelumne River Bridge

    Mokelumne River Bridge

  • Harden Youth Center

    Harden Youth Center

  • FedEx Truck Wash

    FedEx Truck Wash

  • Ord Loma WTP

    Ord Loma WTP

  • Pacific Coast Lube

    Pacific Coast Lube

  • IKEA Palo Alto

    IKEA Palo Alto

  • Skyway Bridge

    Skyway Bridge

  • Pac Bell Park

    Pac Bell Park

  • Armport Pier

    Armport Pier

  • TransNuclear Plant

    TransNuclear Plant

  • Hayward Toll Plaza

    Hayward Toll Plaza

  • Pittsburg Marina

    Pittsburg Marina

  • San Quentin Seawall

    San Quentin Seawall

  • Eagle Tile

    Eagle Tile

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