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While our technical expertise in precast and prestressed concrete is complex, the KIE-CON approach is simple. We do what it takes to bring projects from concept to reality. We deliver products that meet the most stringent quality, schedule and cost requirements. We solve problems, ensuring our clients fully leverage the benefits of precast concrete.

Our track record spans more than 60 years across a wide variety of applications-from bridge elements and pilings to marinas and buildings.

Save Time & Money
High Quality & Strength
True Shapes & Surfaces

The use of precast concrete in construction projects offers substantial benefits—many of which derive from the manufacturing process that is used. Concrete is poured into reusable molds or forms, ensuring consistent sizes and shapes regardless of quantity. The concrete is cured by a climate-controlled process with the appropriate temperature and moisture levels to produce optimal quality and strength.

Greater Quality Control

Concrete curing is monitored by on-site personnel, further optimizing quality control. Also, our precast concrete products are protected from unpredictable weather, one of the most common reasons for construction delays. Once complete, precast concrete products are then transported to the construction site.

Faster Installation

When compared to cast-in-place—in which concrete is poured and cured at the construction site—precast concrete can be installed much more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, with just-in-time delivery, the amount of laydown space needed can be significantly reduced. Construction schedules are also streamlined since work in the field and the precast concrete facility can be carried out simultaneously.

Custom Designs and Shapes

From a design perspective, the possibilities are virtually endless. Concrete forms can be customized for specific shapes, sizes, dimensions, textures and finishes to enhance aesthetics. Notches or grooves can be incorporated into concrete components to accommodate mechanical and utility systems that achieve a seamless appearance.

Optimal Performance

Regarding performance, precast concrete can be designed and manufactured to meet the most rigorous structural and seismic specifications as well as building code standards.

LEED Certification Contributions

Additionally, the use of precast concrete contributes to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification and is conducive to life cycle assessments and environmental product declarations.

KIE-CON builds product for nearly all applications

A controlled environment ensures the highest quality in precast today. We ensure quality, high strength, true shapes and surfaces with finishes that meet the designer’s expectations.