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Using precast, prestressed concrete components in bridge and road construction continues to evolve, with a growing number of applications that reduce costs and speed up construction.

Load distributing, long-span girders are available in lengths of up to 180 feet and can be used in under construction and overhead operations. Compared to cast-in-place methods, precast girders offer consistent quality and can significantly accelerate the construction schedule.

Typically designed in lengths up to 75 feet, precast shallow bridge girders can reduce the self-weight of a bridge and reduce time-intensive onsite formwork.

The use of precast components can provide added value to accelerate bridge construction, an approach that significantly reduces the environmental impact of construction. Our team of experts can help integrate precast components during any phase of a project’s life cycle.

Featuring interlocking keyways, precast products such as curbs and gutters offer a valuable solution in managing runoff.

Box Girders are a good precast option for structures that require a fast deck. They can also be shaped to meet designer needs. They are often used when the self-weight of the bridge is to be kept at a minimum achieved through its foam core, and also provides enhanced durability with high torsional stiffness.