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About Us

KIE-CON’s roots date back to 1959 in Richmond, California. Operating under the company name, Cascon, it was established to produce 24-inch square, hollow-core, concrete piling and precast concrete deck units for the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge. From there, we continued to grow our portfolio of work. More than 3,000 aerial girders, measuring roughly 98 feet and weighing up to 140 tons each, were fabricated for the Bay Area Rapid Transit projects. We produced 54-inch hollow-core marine piles to support the construction of the Antioch Bridge.

As the demand for precast concrete increased, we expanded our operations in strategic locations. In 1969, a casting yard in Pleasanton, California was established, primarily to produce land piles of various sizes to be used for building structures and infrastructures. In 1981, we opened a facility in Antioch, California, which included water access.

Today, KIE-CON is headquartered in Antioch and is a subsidiary of Kiewit, one of the largest engineering and construction organizations in North America. We provide clients with state-of-the-art operations to ensure the highest quality precast concrete projects as well as water access that can accommodate up to 60-foot wide barges.

To date, we’ve produced more than 34.5 million feet of piling, which has been used in a wide variety of projects, such as marine wharf facilities, commercial buildings and government facilities.

The Right Team For The Job

Our team at KIE-CON has many years of experience in not only the precast industry, but also the construction industry as a whole. We are dedicated to providing quality precast products and services through our strong work ethic, problem solving abilities and dedication to making the highest quality product possible. The staff is personable and is held to a high ethical standard that ensures clients a successful working relationship and project experience.