Marine Precast Done Right.

Service. Quality. Value.

The use of precast components in marine construction offers many advantages. It limits the amount of construction work and reduces the number of on-site working days and materials. It also helps to alleviate potential construction-related impacts to waterways.

Precast, custom floating docks deliver quality aesthetics and long-term durability. Docks are fabricated with cast-in utility access, saving extensive time and labor compared to timber alternatives.


Precast attenuators, or supersized concrete floats, are used as a breakwater apparatus to protect marinas from the effects of waves and inclement weather.

Sheet Pile

Precast sheet pile offers a durable solution for marina and pier protection. Offsite precast fabrication in a climate-controlled environment provides the highest quality standards while also saving time and money.

Boat Ramps

The ability to incorporate formed grooves in precast boat ramps significantly improves traction.