Peabody Road Overcrossing Precast Wide Flange Girders

Value Engineering

The Vacaville/Fairfield Train Station, Peabody Road Overcrossing was a very successful project that showed the strong benefits of precast concrete on wide-flange girders (CA WFG) on a bridge. This was a 3-span bridge consisting of 24 each of 48-inch” CA WFG up to 100-foot’ span over an active railroad and under a 230 KW powerline.

Contract drawings initially called for two spans consisting of 11 rows of 5-foot’ tall precast “I” and exterior rectangular girders, and one span of cast-in-place box girders under the power-line. Through value engineering, KIE-CON was able to demonstrate cost and schedule savings and constructability improvements by converting the “I”, Rectangular, and cast-in-place box girders to CA WFG. This eliminated three girder lines and reduced the structure depth by 12 inches” thus providing the client with an extra 12 inches” of height clearance.

KIE-CON was also able to demonstrate to a primarily cast-in-place contractor, the savings and constructability advantages of converting the cast-in-place span over to precast concrete. The ability to set girders under powerlines in a day accelerated the construction schedule by a full two months.

The first span of the project had a 230 KW live powerline obstruction 59 foot’ above the ground. Through some brainstorming with the erector on the project, the girders were able to be set using two cranes with rolling outriggers while maintaining 21′ foot of clearance from the top of the crane boom.

Erecting 87’ Long x 43 Ton Precast WFG under 230 KW Live Power line using two Cranes with Rolling Outriggers

Bid Set Plan Showing Precast I Girders, Rectangular Girders and CIP Box Girders

Value Engineering Plans Showing Precast Wide Flange Girders

The other major success was the coordination between the railroad, general contractor, and precast supplier to erect the span over the live tracks without shutting down train service. Trains were able to pass in between lifts.

All 24 girders were erected in three consecutive days. CA WFG is once again proven to be the most economical cross-section of all cast-in-place or precast girder sections.

Erecting 97’ Long x 48 Ton Precast WFG Over Live Tracks using two Hydro Cranes

Special thanks to all parties involved: CC Myers Inc. / Teichert Construction JV., HNTB, City of Fairfield, Vali Cooper & Associates Inc., UPRR, PG&E, MGI, Robert N. Valentine, Inc., Bigge Crane and Taylor Heavy Haul.